Saturday, September 16, 2017

September Discussion Panel - Real Estate Masters Group w/ Tina Jan

Happy Friday everyone!  It's been pretty quiet today.  But that's just how I love it.  The quiet is when I get the most work done.  I can focus on growing my future, rather than just putting out daily fires. 

Yesterday we had another Real Estate Masters Group discussion panel.  And I'm so excited that we were able to push the boundaries again!  This time the theme was Fear.  The IT movie had just come out the week prior and Halloween is just around the corner!

 Wednesday afternoon, my boyfriend and I prepped the set up at the Yucaipa Real Estate Masters Group office.  I had to borrow some camera gear from him and his friends.  The 5 mics were tested to make sure they had fresh batteries and that they worked.  The audio mixer was working.  I will need to remember to bring earphones next time (I always forget that).  My previous discussion panels have been just my lone iphone serving as the camera that went to Facebook Live.

 This time I had 2 cameras and some human help on Thursday (in the form of my awesome secretary) to switch between the two cameras.  She is really talented!  It worked really well!  I'm happy that now I have a way to do a close up on the person talking.  Super happy about that!  I still went Live but this time it was through my laptop.  :)  So so so excited! 

Because of the success and ease of the whole operation, I went ahead and bought the same switcher that I had borrowed.  But now I need to get another camera.  I can probably continue to borrow my bf's camera, but it would be better if I could buy one more camera so I don't have to borrow my bf's friend's camera.  Pretty soon I'll have my own equipment to do a whole show on my own.  :)

Anyway, please check out our discussion panel!  Learn some fun facts about fear.  Homebuyer and sellers have fears too, check out their Top 5 Fears for Buyers and Top 5 Fears for Sellers.  Then we end with a few interesting phobias!  Do you know what ergophobia is?  We do!


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