Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Favorite Internet Resources - Part One

Hi everyone!  I just wanted to share some of my most used internet resources with you.  Most of these are integral to my real estate researching.  I hope they will benefit you as well!

Mapping tools with satellite, street, or bird's eye views are very handy to have around.  I use these in addition to APN parcel map searches from the counties.

Craigslist is great for studying current rental prices.  This is good place to start if you're a budding investor and wondering what rents you can get back for your future real estate purchases in different areas.

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San Bernardino County Property Information Managements System - PIMS

Hi everyone, this is a great tool that I have found very useful lately.  It's the San Bernardino County Property Information Management System - PIMS.  You can use it to perform APN parcel searches!

And if you need the San Bernardino County Office of the Assessor website, click here.

Best of luck in all your parcel searches!
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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Real Estate News for Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

New-home sales in Southland fall 53% in December.  Bargain hunters are busy snapping up foreclosures and other distressed properties, causing sales of all homes to rise 51% last month.  New-home builders are putting a pause on building, waiting until the market recovers.  The Southern California median home sales price in January 2008 was $415,000 and by the end of the year the median price had slid to $278,000.  December median sales prices were $180,000 in San Bernardino County and $209,000 in Riverside County.

California Has 8 of 10 Worst Real Estate Markets.  But still, it's California, we don't have to worry about a shortage of people wanting to live here.  The state may be issuing IOU's to taxpayers this year, but the weather is still fantastic year-round, which almost makes it worth the trouble!  The 8 trouble areas include Los Angeles, Stockton, Riverside, Sacramento, Santa Ana/Anaheim, Fresno, San Diego, and Bakersfield.

Honestly, despite all the bad media press, I'm busier than ever.  As you've probably noticed, I have even less time to blog now.  Sales in the area have been increasing, but the prices keep dropping.
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Loan Modification Scams

Time flies doesn't it?  I can't believe I'm already posting up news tidbits for 2009.  The new year has brought along with it many real estate changes.  Despite the lagging real estate industry, new debt relief and loan modification companies have sprung up everywhere.  Be extremely wary if any of the companies ask for an upfront fee!  If it smells like a scam, it is probably a scam.  My boyfriend was contacted by a legitimate loan modification service, it was through his lender.  The service was completely free.  It did take some time though, about 3 months before all the paperwork was squared away.  For those who think a loan modification might help you, contact your lender right away.  Unlike a short sale, you don't need to miss any payments to get the process started.  You do need to have a pretty good financial status to get a loan modification.  They will ask for bank statements and tax info and other financial documents.  This article from CNBC goes into more detail about the loan mod scams.  Read up and be smart homeowner! 
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Very Much Back to Work

It's the season to get back to the office.  Things are busier than ever.  Will update everyone later today on the details.
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