Sunday, May 10, 2020

Beautiful Pool Home in Redlands - Photoshoot and Drone

Photoshoot from a Home in Redlands.

Since the appointment for the photoshoot was in the late afternoon, I was a bit worried there wouldn't be enough light.  Thankfully that day was right after the time changed, so I had an extra hour of sun!  And just enough time after the droning, the regular shooting, to do a nice twilight shot of the front of the house.  

This is not a sky replacement.  This was an actual twilight photo of the home!  There were landscape lights on a timer, and when they finally turned on, I was able to snap a few shots and put them all together.

One thing I've had to work around in my photoshoots is TREES.  Trees are great in real life, I love them for so many reasons: shady, adds character, crunchy leaves, adds color, makes for a more interesting composition etc.  But when the tree blocks the view of the front door, or worse, blocks the view of the house, or even worse, a tree looks dead.... it detracts from a photo.  And timing is key, I bet if these photos were taken a few weeks later, the trees would have been full and lush!  But sadly in these pics, they look like bare bones.  

Another interesting issue is elevation.  This house sits higher than the street.  I'm limited by the height of my camera tripod.  Or if I use a drone to get a higher shot, the trees block some of the front facade.  I have heard of photographers getting on ladders or putting their cameras on poles.  I don't think i'm physically skilled enough to do the ladder or pole thing.  I guess drone is the best I can do in my situation!

This shoot was the first time I was able to confidently do "my version" of the flambient method.

I like how this shot came out.  I like the composition of the space in that room.  I like how the stairs going up to the landing is the background, the windows and couch are the middle ground.  And the closest chair is my foreground.

The windows at this house had an interesting shade/tint, so the exterior views were not what I expected.  But it was nice to see the pops of red in the chairs and floral arrangement.

I never would have thought to put the 2 red chairs in the middle of the table.  I would have put them at the ends of the table.  But I like how they turned out.  


~Tina Jan~

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