Friday, October 02, 2009

Sluggish Short Sales

My goodness has it really been since July 13th since my last post? I've been mostly focused on the whole short sale madness that is rampant in the Inland Empire. Short sales are hard work and require very attentive and yet VERY patient buyers and sellers. More often than not, buyers can't wait the 4+ months it takes to close these deals. I can't blame them, it's like hiking a very long journey without a map. At the same time, when they back out of the deal, they are missing out on a beautiful home at a very affordable price.

There are so many people who are struggling with their mortgage payments right now. Likewise, there are many buyers who want a beautiful home at an affordable price. If they can be matched up, both issues can be solved. That's pretty much what I do on a daily basis.

If you know anyone in either of these situations, tell them to visit my website for more information. Or if they have questions, tell them to call me. I'd be happy to help them.

Have a beautiful autumn day!

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