Wednesday, March 15, 2017

California is the Toughest State for Home Buyers

 According to a new study from, California was ranked as the toughest state for home buyers.

They ranked the states by measuring:
1. housing affordability
2. the job market for young adults
3. housing market tightness
4. credit availability
5. home-ownership among the under-35 crowd

In California, the housing prices are really high.  Buyers need a combination of fairly large down payment, and good credit to be able to buy easily.  Rental prices are also really high, so would-be home-buyers are paying expensive rent, and not able to save for their down payments.  In Hawaii, California, and Oregon, principal and interest payments consume more than 33% of the household income.  However, in the most affordable states of Iowa, Ohio, and West Virginia, those payments only consume 13%!

Tight markets make it difficult for buyers, especially Millennials.  There is low availability of cheaper homes, which causes bidding wars among buyers.  During the recession, the entry-level lower priced homes were snapped up by investors, so there is a lack of inventory for entry-level buyers.  In Hawaii, California, and New York, less than 25% of households under the age of 35 were living in owner-occupied homes.  Compare this to Minnesota, Iowa, and Utah, where the under 35 owner-occupied living is more than 40%.

Luckily, mortgage rates are still very low by historical standards, currently fluctuating daily from 4% to 4.75%.  This allows Millennials to purchase more expensive homes than in previous generations.  First-time buyers also have access to low down payment loans, with down payments ranging from 0% to 5% down. If you are interested in your low down payment loan options, please give me a call or text at (909)446-2666 or email me at  It would be my pleasure to work with you!

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