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30166 San Jacinto St., Hemet, California 92543 - New Home for Sale

Hi Everyone!  I wanted to share a new home for sale in Hemet, California.  This beauty is a country charmer!  3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 0.67 acres.  The mountain and hill views are gorgeous!  Located near Diamond Valley Lake in prime Hemet horse-country.  Email me at or call/text me at (909)446-2666 if you'd like to know more about this property or schedule an appointment to view it!  An aerial video is embedded at the bottom of this post, so keep scrolling to the end!

I like that this home has a nice sized driveway, and a garage, AND a carport!

Seller did a great job at making charming little spots under, and around, some of the shady trees on the property.  I would love to read a book outdoors, on one of those benches!

Long covered carport area to the right side of the garage.

Love the pops of color from the flowers around this tree.  Isn't that bench inviting?

A view from the front of the house looking towards the street.  Seller has a very rustic country style, which works well with the home.

The front porch view from the front door.  Nice large shaded area for an outdoor table and chairs. 

I like how private this area is.  There are several trees out front, which help shade and screen this area from the street.  There is a door to the garage, to the right side of the front door.

You can see how long those eaves are and how wide the walkway is here!

I like that the fireplace has more personality to it than your typical fireplace.  This one looks like it would be cozy place to relax!

The large front window lets in a good amount of light.  Many of my clients really like natural light in their homes.

Seller has a sweet country style to their home.  And I like that the walls and flooring are neutral, so that anyone can put their own style into the home.

Lots of cabinets!  One of my favorite things to see in a kitchen is cabinets.  A few of these have pull-out drawers too, bonus!  The corner bottom cabinet has a lazy-susan turn table for pots.  To the left of it, is a skinny cabinet that has an ingenious pull-out spice rack!

Lots of natural light in the kitchen too from the windows and glass slider door.

See that beautiful glowing china cabinet/hutch to the left?  That is INCLUDED with this home!  Also INCLUDED are the fridge, stove, built-in microwave, dishwasher, washer, and dryer!

This is the first of three bedrooms when you walk down the hallway.  I have always liked mirrored closet doors because they are a good use of space and are typically an upgrade!

This room has a window that looks out into the backyard.

Carpets are in good condition throughout the home as well!

Another view of that mirrored closet door!  As you can see, there is plenty of space in this room.

Now across the hall, we have the main bathroom of the home.  It's been slightly remodeled over the years.  

One sink and a good amount of countertop space.  I like the wood grain look of the cabinet doors.

Tub/shower combination.  Pretty typical for a bathroom.  It's clean and well-maintained.  I know this, because I had to crawl into it to take the previous photo!

Now we have the second bedroom.  This room seemed slightly bigger than the first one we saw.  Not sure if it IS actually bigger, or if it just feels that way!

Seller is currently using this as a sewing room.  It is nice and bright, which is a MUST for a good craft room.

Mirrored closet doors again, woohoo!  This room is across the hallway from the master bedroom and main bathroom, and next to the first bedroom we saw.

Large window to the backyard.  The natural light in this room is fantastic.  I think the mirrored closet doors help to bounce the light around too.

And of course, please keep in mind that regular normal people sell their homes too!  Not every home is going to look like a staged model home.  If you keep an open mind about an owner's personal items and look beyond them, then you can easily find a really wonderful home!

The last bedroom is the master bedroom!  Personally, I like the master bedroom to be the last one in a hallway.  If you have guests staying over, they won't have to keep walking past your bedroom door to get to their guest room.  Keeps it quieter that way as well!

Not sure if you noticed, but there were ceiling fans in all the bedrooms!  It's a nice way to circulate the air around without having to run the air conditioning.

This door to the right is the walk-in closet.  The door in the middle goes to the hallway.  The door the left goes to the master bathroom.  And overall this bedroom is quite spacious!

Master bathroom has one sink and a large shower.

Here is a better view of the bathroom space.  Realistically, I prefer showers over baths.  I don't think I can even remember the last time I actually got in a bathtub, except to take real estate photos!

I absolutely love this picture!  The family cat was curled up on a cushioned bench just outside the sliding glass door of the kitchen.  And she looked so comfy!  

Gated side yard.  Good space for a dog run if guests are in the backyard and you don't want them interacting!

Nice semi-covered patio area in the backyard.  These types of spaces really make use of the nice days we have in Southern California!

View from the patio area to the first of three chain link fenced sections of the backyard.  Did I mention the lot is a huge 0.67 acres?

Another view of the first section of the backyard.  Seller planted several trees in the backyard.  As they grow, you will get to enjoy their shade and fruit!  There is, at the very least, a lemon tree and a kumquat tree.  There may be a few more that I don't recall!

The backyard slopes slightly down and away from the house in the back.  So the view from the first backyard section, looks up at the house.

Here we are at the 1st fence.  You can see the 2nd fence near those two little bushes.  The 3rd fence is the back lot line of the property.  There are two white sheds at the top of the back hill that belong to the back neighbor, the lot line fence is right in front of that shed.

Another view of the back hill of the property.  At one point, the second fenced area was for chickens.  I believe the chicken coop is still there if you want to raise pullets and have some fresh eggs!

A dreamy little spot in the backyard!

These sheds are near the carport side.  These aren't the same sheds as the neighbor's sheds that are by the back lot line fence.  Great for tons of storage!

Propane tank for the home.  This one is serviced by Diamond Valley Propane.

Side view of the home from the side neighbor's vacant lot next door.

Side view of the backyard from the side neighbor's vacant lot next door.

For more details on this beautiful home, click here!

Below we have some aerial footage of the property, the neighborhood, and the views!

And if you are on Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, or looking at homes, CALL/TXT ME at (909)446-2666 when you are ready to see them in REAL LIFE!  I would be happy to be YOUR REALTOR and show you this home, and any other homes you are interested in!

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